Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Estarion, Game 12 (plus a mansion map)

The PCs are invited to a party at noblewoman Julia Martus' house. While mingling with a cast of colorful characters, they are embroiled in the investigation of the murder of Nevius Albanus, Imperial Master of the Keys and Orcus cultist. The death is blatant hit job, and Jerrit's ridiculous passive perception helps them quickly identify the main suspect.

A confrontation eventually follows, allowing the group to flush out and fight the killer— who turns out to really be an Intellect Devourer riding around in the skull of a party guest.

Arturius barely manages to end the night with a brain, while Meadow finds that Searing Ray provides a compelling choice for frying an enemy. The revelation of the killer is confusing, as it seems to indicate an opponent that is not seeming to belong to any known faction so far. Jerrit, at least, has a brain with animal-like legs that could provide some interesting research opportunities.