Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Estarion, Game 8

Another game without combat and heavy on the roleplay. That actually wasn't what I had planned, but these players constantly go left when I plan to go right.

Regrouping at the temple, Arturius brings back some friends, Timonitus the Invoker and Anakis the Tiefling Bard. The group began investigating further into the activities of the Cult of Orcus, but moving cautiously. They begin three investigations: one into the asylum of Marcellus Novus, one into the brothel of Tatiana Scaevola, and one into the city orphanage, running simultaneously.

At the Asylum, Timonitus and Jarret try to investigate, and Jarret manages to get a job there, playing off that he is an apprentice wizard with skills in medicine and an interest in studying physiology and life and death. After an interview and a day at work, Jarret has a sense of the layout of the asylum and is doing a bit of a dance with Marcellus to feel out the place. He does learn that the inmates seem to be well-preserved zombies, the guards are not necessarily human, either.

At the orphanage, Arturius and Carver learn that the orphans who died at the orphanage really did seem to die from the Penanggalan, and coordinate efforts of priests of Apollo and Hades to try to protect the place from undead attack. Meanwhile, Meadow learns that Herminia Cassius’ maid has bruises and seems to be hiding problems at the Cassius’ home. Herminia may be getting hangry.

Meanwhile, Anakis investigated the brothel. Identifying a mark who was a client at the brothel, Claudius Blandus, Minister of Ratcatchers. She tried to get a lead on employment to get inside the brothel, but Blandus was deeply nervous about her requests for employment if they began to stray near the brothel. An attempt by Meadow to join in pushes too hard and he leaves. But afterward, Anakis goes through a gift box Blandus leaves her and finds sweets, a bottle of perfume, and a creepy book of misogynistic sadistic “erotic” poetry. Skeeved out, she still meets him again, again with backup, and Blandus, seeming distant, says he can get her an appointment with an employer and takes her to Scaevola’s brothel. Anakis talks her way out of being assassinated, and ends up instead being hired to spy on Arturius and his ragtag group. Anakis also finds more reasons to be suspicious of the brothel.

Meanwhile, the party jumps Blandus and tries to convince him to talk, but he’s too scared of Scaevola to do so. Eventually, they off him and make it look as if the last remaining wererats from the Rat Cult got to him, and fence some of his goods in a disguise to help confound their role in his murder.

Next game, the city will be in trouble, and there will be a combat-heavy game.