Thursday, November 27, 2014

Inspirational Art: I still love that old Russ Nicholson and Erol Otus

Of all the artists in those old D&D hardcovers I got on Christmas 1981, my favorites remain Russ Nicholson for his work on the Fiend Folio and Erol Otus for his work on Deitities and Demigods, mostly in the Cthulhu Mythos section.

If you are to young or just joined the hobby after the period of AD&D 1st Edition, you can catch up on your Russ Nicholson art work through his blog at -- he is still producing madly detailed and creepy art on a regular basis, and it's still full of the horrific goodness his art instilled back in the day.

Erol Otus' official website is all but nonexistent, but sites devoted to his work are posted by Jeff Rients and Goodman Games, if you want to get a sense of his work, old and new. His work has graced work from Arduin to TSR to his own crazed creations to recent games -- not to mention his work on computer games.

If you do not harken from the same crusty old days of yore, I hope you can appreciate the mood and style of their work since it illuminates some of my personal aesthetic.