Friday, November 14, 2014

Estarion, Game 6

Meadow falls ill on the way back to the temple,  instead, it turns out on inspection by the party wizard — who just happens to be a necromancer — that Meadow is now undead, and that the only clue they have to that is the asylum run by Marcellus Nonus is involved.

After looking at options, the group goes on the mission set by Lucanus Vitus to go after a merchant, who turns out to be a familiar face. Approaching from the sewers, the heroes have number of conflicts with cultists, sahuagin, and even a pair of were rats. They whittle down the bad guys even more, have some wererats escape them, and end up with some clues: that the cultists are allied to a coven of hags, and that the rat cult refers to enemies in their papers who are not the PCs.