Wednesday, November 19, 2014

5th edition monster: Mugato.

When I was a kid, the creepy ape-thing from the Star Trek episode "A Private Little War" really struck me as kind of badass. In many ways, the carnivorous apes and girallons and similar monsters of older editions were on some level a version of this ST:TOS monster mixed with the white apes of Barsoom. Sure, the costume looks horrible now, but damn it, my little kid self still loves thinking of the horned, venomous, carnivorous ape-monster.

So, rather than adapting something from the Fiend Folio or Monster Manual this time, here is an adaptation from my vague memories of an old Star Trek episode.


Mugato, also known as Gumato, stand about 2 meters tall with thick white fur covering their bodies except for their pale faces, hands and feet. They have prehensile hands and feet like a great ape, and have a large horn on their heads and similar bony spikes along their backs. Their mouths are filled with sharp, serrated teeth which inject their prey with a dangerous neurotoxin.

Mugato are particularly dangerous predators and devoted carnivores. They do not hesitate to attack humans or even larger prey, and are generally feared wherever they are found.

Mugato’s natural prey is Star Fleet captains on away missions and sexy female shamans in black leather and bright-colored fake fur.

Medium Monstrosity Neutral

Armor Class:    14 (hide)
Hit Points:    45 (6d8 +18)
Speed:    30 ft, climb 30 ft

STR 16 (+3); DEX 14 (+2); CON 16 (+3); INT 6 (-2); WIS 12 (+1); CHA 6 (-2)

Damage Resistances: Poison
Senses: Darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 11
Languages: None


Multiattack: Mugato may make two attacks, only one of which may be a bite or a hug in a single round.

Claws: +6 melee weapon, reach 5 feet, 8 (1d10+3) slashing damage and target is grappled.
Hug: Automatic vs. a grappled opponent, 2d6+3 bludgeoning damage.

Bite: +6 melee weapon, reach 5 feet, 6 (1d6+3) slashing damage + 2d6 poison damage. Target must make a CON save vs. DC 14 every hour or gain a level of exhaustion. If the target makes 3 consecutive saves, he or she is able to throw off the effects of the poison. Until the poison effects are overcome or the poison is neutralized, the character cannot remove any levels of exhaustion through rest.