Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Vornheiming" Estarion

I have a binder filled with tables for Estarion. They are, in a meaningful way, the Estarion campaign guide, as much of the setting is made up along the way. One of the most useful ideas that Zak S. contributes to running city games in his blog and in Vornheim is the idea that running a city campaign shouldn't be about memorizing the details of a pre-planned setting, but creating a dynamic but flavorful framework to respond to your players with a dynamic and responsive ad lib process.
  • Judges' Guild: Ready Ref Charts:
    • Guildsmen, Merchants p. 3
    • Proclamations, p. 7
    • Crime, Trial and Punishment, pp. 8-10
    • Attack Reasons, p. 16
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Vornheim:
    • Urbancrawl Rules, p. 35
    • Contacts, p. 39
    • Optional Rules for Chases, p. 40
    • Optional Rules for Libraries, p. 41
    • Customized versions of:
      • Aristocrats, pp. 46-47
      • Books, pp. 48-49
      • City NPCs, pp. 50-51
      • Encounters, pp. 54-55
      •  "I search the body", p. 58
      • Taverns, p. 56
    • Contacts table, p. 52
    • Directions, p. 53
  • AEG, Toolbox:
    • Prisoners in Jail, p. 116
    • Prophecies and Fortunes, p. 141
    • Traps, pp. 84-86 (combined and abridged)
  • Chaosium, Cities:
    • Character catch-up
  • From others' blogs (which I have also modified):
Using Zak S.'s Urbancrawl rules, my current map of the city looks like this: