Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Quick Note About the WotC/TSR PDFs

  1. I was able to download any PDFs currently available that I paid for before the PDF ban. OneBookshelf is honoring past purchases.
  2. The scans are new, indexed, well-designed PDFs. The Fiend Folio doesn't have pages with ghosting from the opposite side of the paper, the modules don't have crooked alignment. The new scans look clean and professional.
  3. The scans are also complete. For example, they fixed the module B4 PDF to include missing maps that the original version did not include.
I'd like to see the 1981 Expert Set return, more 2e era settings (Dark Sun, Planescape), a return of the core rule books (not likely while they are back in print), and a few other things-- but this seems a solid and better-prepared start.