Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Swords of Mars: Mars, part 5

Flora and Fauna
Mars is an arid land. The old sea beds have large patches of ochre-colored lichen that serve as a major food source for vast herds of Hraa that roam the beds, hunted by the great cats of Mars, the Mahrinn. Also common on the plains are the Huru, the Martian equivalent of a horse, adapted to the sands, and the Wara, the huge Martian wolf, and various dinosaurs.

While lands around the canals of Mars are generally safe, terrible creatures can be found in the ruins of mars and in the wilderness. Even in civilized areas, stirges are deadly pests and the giant Martian rats, known as Osquips, are common.

The Old Ones
Rumors of intelligent beings that predate humans and haunt the deep burrows under ancient ruins persist. These things whisper in darkness and have inhuman desires, the legends say.

Monster List
BASIC RULES: Ape, White; Bandit; Beetle, Giant (all); Berserker; Bugbear (=Beastman); Carrion Crawler; ; Cat, Great (Sabre-toothed tiger =Mahrinn); Cave Locust; Centipede, Giant; Doppleganger; Driver Ant; Dwarf (=Dwur); Elf (=Eldarin); Gargoyle; Gelatinous Cube; Ghoul; Goblin (=Beastman); Grey Ooze; Green Slime; Halfling (=Hadiri); Hobgoblin (=Beastman); Insect Swarms; Living Statue (all); Medusa; Noble; Normal Human; NPC Party; Ochre Jelly; Rat, Giant (=Osquip); Rust Monster; Shadow; Shrieker; Skeleton; Snake, Giant (Spitting Cobra, Pit Viper, Rock Python); Spider, Giant (Crab, Black Widow); Stirge; Trader; Troglodyte (=Keshai); Veteran; Wight; Wolf, Dire (=Wara); Yellow Mold; Zombie
EXPERT RULES: Basilisk; Black Pudding; Caecilia; Cockatrice; Crab, Giant; Displacer Beast; Elemental (all); Elephant (=Hraa); Golem (all); Hellhound; Horse (=Huru); Hydra; Invisible Stalker; Leech, Giant; Manticore; Men (all); Mummy; Pterodactyl; Purple Worm; Rhagodessa; Scorpion, Giant; Stegosaurus; Triceratops; Tyrannosaurus Rex; Vampire; Wraith; Wyvern