Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Swords of Mars: City-State of Izmir

Izmir is a city-state along one of Mars’ great canals. Ruled by the Warlord Arctos Kan, Izmir is notable for its large warrens of old tunnels and underground ruins that belong to cities from centuries before. The city is divided into eight districts:
  1. The Citadel, where the Warlord maintains his army, courts, jails and arena.
  2. The Merchant Quarter, home to city’s guilds, open air markets, and trade.
  3. Red Lanterns, the pleasure district.
  4. The Docks where barges come to the city and home to a TTC office.
  5. The Maze, the most crime-ridden and dangerous neighborhood in Izmir.
  6. The Holy Quarter, home to the temples of the Ten, as well as family shrines.
  7. University Hill, where libraries and the Magicians’ Guild, may be found.
  8. Downwind, the poorest neighborhood; home to factories and-foul industries.

Power Groups in the City

  1. The Great Houses are the rival noble families of Izmir.
  2. The Guilds control trade as well as licensing, monopolies, and training of skilled workers.
  3. Wizards are disorganized but powerful, and willing to protect (or crush) their own.
  4. The Ten Churches have connections throughout the city and work behind the scenes.
  5. The Black Hand is a major criminal organization based in the Maze, touching the whole city.
  6. The Terran Trade Corp whose dockside offices are active in the city.