Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Swords of Mars: Mars, part 2

The People of Mars
  • HUMANS: The human population of Mars is broadly divided into two groups: the canal city folk, and the desert barbarians. The former have light olive skin, dark eyes and hair, and tend to be slim and graceful of build. The latter are taller and broader, with bronze or copper skin, yellow, brown, or grey eyes, and hair that tends to be red or coppery.
  • DWUR: one of four former slave races of the ancient Witch Kings of Lost Ylum, the Dwur are short, squat humanoids. They have broad physiques, bowed legs, long arms and broad faces with thick beards. Their skin is brown-grey, their eyes solid black, and their hair white or red. They are skilled craftsmen and excellent miners. They tend to live in hilly and mountainous terrain and are allied to humanity. Mechanically, they are identical to Dwarves.
  • ELDARIN: the Eldarin (sing. Eldar) are the second former slave race of the Witch Kings. They are smaller and slimmer than humans with golden skin, red or black hair, and large unblinking black eyes. Few of the Eldarin still survive, and most think they are only legends. Eldarin are mechanically identical to Elves.
  • HADIRI: the third of the former slave races of the Witch Kings, the Hadiri (sing. Hardirim) are small, copper-skinned, with brown Or green hair and black eyes. They are cunning, love food, and tend to be tricksters. The Hadiri are a dying race, found mostly in small forests along the canals, or serving as crew on barges. Mechanically, they are identical to Halflings.
  • BEASTMEN: the last of the former slave races of the Witch Kings. Humanoids with broad, animal-like heads and mean dispositions, the beastmen vie with the barbarian tribes for control of the plains. Beastmen tend to live in small groups, and vary greatly in size and stature. Mechanically, treat them as Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Bugbears.
  • KESHAI: once powerful sorcerers, these degenerate creatures are now feral barbarians. They are one of the terrors of ancient ruins and underground complexes of the south. These lizardmen have a dangerous musk, a strongly territorial nature, and a taste for fresh meat. They are mechanically identical to Troglodytes.