Friday, May 27, 2011

Fiend Folio Friday: some humanoids I'm okay with

To counterbalance my complaints from last week, here are two examples of humanoids in the FF that I think are workable and introduce something interesting that makes them stand out in play.

What I always liked about meazels is that they were essentially assassins. They hide out, pick of stragglers, and are hated by the dungeon denizens, too. They don't fight stand-up fights, and have the potential for being the center of fear and rumors for low-level parties as they pick of hirelings and PCs along the way. And killing them can feel so good for that reason. 
Grimlocks have two good things going for them. The first is that they have a gimmick: they're blind cannibals that can negotiate in the dark. They are the face of what is waiting if your last torch gutters out. They are also immune to visual illusions, sure, but that's a minor touch. They  hide out invisible in the and swarm you horror-movie style.

They're second good thing is that they are goons for other, scarier monsters. Since they are blind, they can hang out with medusas without possible harm. And they cozy up to illithids. Monsters that play well with other monsterss are always handy,  and having them act primarily as goons for really scary monsters means that when Grimlocks show up, the players are waiting for the real terror to appear.