Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Haven: Going Around Armed and Armored

Armor is illegal in the city, but you can conceal leather or studded leather armor under some sorts of heavy clothing. Of course, if your armor is exposed, that will still lead to trouble.

Legally, anyone can carry a dagger, walking stick (club), or quarterstaff. Nobles may carry longswords. Short swords, darts, and slings are illegal, but easily concealed.

Licensed bodyguards may wear armor and carry one-handed melee weapons in the execution of their work. Members of the Guard, soldiers, licensed mercenaries, pit fighters, and assassins may use armor and arms in pursuit of their work.

These laws are generally unenforced in the Necropolis, the Maze, and the sewers. They don't apply in the Salt Marsh and The Park, though the Elves do not take kindly to armed intruders.

Bans on two-handed weapons and ranged weapons are forcefully pursued since such weapons are more of a threat to the Guard. Likewise, since armor can stop someone from being harmed, it is looked on poorly, too.