Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few doodles.

Recently, I have been in a bit of a creative rut with my writing, stuck with a general sense of writers' block both for the blog and for my academic writing. Part of this may be the fact that I am really focused on doing a lot of work writing, but part of this is the fact that I'm burned out on writing and pining for running a game. Of course, I'm not sure that I have the time to do much running.
So instead of writing, I have been doing more painting. After getting a journal from some friends made by an artist who painted on the front of a composition book as his canvas. That got me thinking about painting on composition books to make journals. That headed me into thinking about making player journals for D&D games.

Instead of busting out my acrylics and brushes, I decided to work in markers, and chose to work with familiar images from AD&D, done in garish colors and some exaggerated line work. 

Anyway, since I have little to write right now, I'd spend a little time posting what I have been drawing.