Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Plot Seed for Athanor

Lady Serena Amador is known for her unusual and lavish parties. This month's theme is "A Parade of the Unusual," and promises a carnival atmosphere, an eclectic collection of peasants and outcasts, clowns, acrobats, a menagerie of the fantastic (including a caged girallon, trained osquips performing tricks, and fighting velociraptors).

But the central piece of her entertainment plans is the White Woman, a woman found by adventurers in the western sea beds. The White Woman has alabaster white skin, silver hair, blue eyes, and a extremely refined features. She wears a silver tunic and slippers and speaks a language entirely unintelligible to even the most knowledgeable scholars. Lady Serena purchased the White Woman as a slave, and finds her exotic and entertaining, especially since the White Woman is of an unknown race and culture.

What no one can understand or explain is the White Woman's frequent agitation, when she seems to be trying to talk to people as if to tell them something very urgent.