Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some random evening thoughts

Getting much of anything done on the blog has been hampered by work (the start of a new term is always a bit of a train wreck), school (only managed to write 25 pages of my dissertation proposal over the holiday and need to really get some meat on the bones of my methodology section), illness (a diagnosis of dermagraphia solves a health mystery, but I also have to deal with a very nasty head cold combined with tension + sinus headache). Sorry for the high level of fluff and low level of response to comments.

Saw Avatar this weekend, and enjoyed it.

Not much in the film was a surprise plot-wise, but the world of Pandora with its alien life a bit too conspicuously built into a seamless whole seems rife for explorating in a sequel (in a proper Burroughsian plot where we learn secrets of the world that the Na'vi never knew before -- perhaps that he world itself is engineered, and Eywa is some artifact of an ancient biotechnology of the Na'vi forerunners... but Jake Sully has to discover this  because of a threat from something from the Na'vi's ancient past that even they had forgotten.)

Anyway, that's me checking in. Back to the blog.