Monday, September 28, 2009

The Clone Pits

Life on Athanor can be nasty, brutish and short, and the lack of spells to raise the dead means that  the end of life can be pretty final. In Zamora,  Vog-Mur the Necromancer sells the services of his Clone Pits for a modest fee of 1000 gold and a pound of flesh. You can use the Clone Pits to either duplicate someone or to create a new, living body for them.

If the procedure works correctly, the character returns good as new, with even his or her memories intact. If not, then something happens, and the character comes back not quite right. Every time a character returns through the Clone Pits, roll on the Clone Pit Table:

3d6    Result
-----  ------------------------------------------------
3      Amnesia: the character comes back normally, but  
.      remembers nothing of his or her previous life.
4-5    Roll one drawback.
6-8    Lose 1 CON permanently. Visible deformity, scar, or 
.      superficial mutation.
9-12   No problems.
13-15  Gain +1 to a random ability score, but your skin, hair, 
.      or eyes are an unnatural color or texture from now on.
16-17  Roll one minor mutation.
18     Roll one major mutation.

Alternately, the player may choose to use the clone pit mutation as an excuse to re-roll his or her character’s abilities and hit points and shuffle around background skills, a result of the scrambling that sometimes happens in the Clone Pits….

Mutations can happen as a result of exposure to the Clone Pits, Ancient technology, or irradiated ruins. Such mutations may be beneficial or harmful, but will always mark the mutant and make it hard to be respected in proper company. Mutants in Zamora can be found in the Barrens, where they form small mutant communities, in the sewers, in the Undercity, and among the poorest of beggars.

Minor Mutations
D10 Result
--- ---------------------------------
1   Altered Height
.    1d6. 1-3, height is (66-3d6) inches; 4-6, height is (72+3d6) tall.
2   Claws
.    Sharp, horny claws give mutant +1 bonus to unarmed damage.
3   Enhanced Senses
.   Suprise: 1 in 6. +2 to saving throws for  actions that involve senses.
4   Fangs
.   Long fangs give the mutant a bite attack that does 1d6-1 damage.
5   Fur
.   Mutant is covered with thick fur that gives a +1 bonus to AC.
6   Horns
.   Head butt attack that does 1d6-1 damage.
7   Multiple Limbs
.   The mutant has 1d4 extra limbs. For each limb roll 1d6:
.   1-3, the limb is a leg, on a 4-6, an arm. Every extra leg gives 
.   a +1 to move rate; every 2 arms grants a +1 to attack rolls in 
.   melee combat.
8   Night Vision
.   The mutant can see in near complete darkness.
9   Scales
.   +2 bonus to Armor Class.
10  Scent
.   Allows the character to identify tracks and individuals by smell.

Major Mutations
D10 Results
--- ---------------------------------
1   Increased Physical Attribute
.   1d6, add 1d6 points to (1-2)  STR, (3-4) DEX, or (5-6) CON
2   Natural Armor
.    Armored hide or carapace grants +4 AC bonus.
3   Chameleon Skin
.   Surprise opponents on 1-4. May hide by making a save at +4.
4   Wall-climbing
.   Cling to walls, move at normal rate, but cannot wear gloves or shoes.
5   Gliding Membrane
.   Glide at normal move but may not wear armor. 
6   Spines
.   Opponents who grab or bite character take 1d3 damage.
.   +2 damage in unarmed combat. Cannot wear amor.
7   Venomous Attack
.   Opponent must save or take 2d6 damage from poison. Can be 
.   combined with existing natural attack muatation (bite, claws, etc.)
8   Musk Glands
.   15' radius area adjacent to mutant. All in area must save or be 
.   nauseated and unable to act for 1d4 rounds.
9   Choose one minor mutation
10  Roll two minor muations

Table 7. Drawbacks
D10 Results
--- ---------------------------------
1-2 Albino
.   Sensitive to sun, unusual appearance. -1 CHA.
3-4 Bizarre Appearance
.   Very freaky looking. -2 CHA.
5-6 Obese
.   Weight is 200+(3d6x20) pounds. This isn't muscle.
7-8 Physical Weakness
.   Roll 1d6, subtract 1d3 points from (1-2)  Strength, 
.   (3-4) Dexterity, or (5-6) Constitution
9+  Poor Senses
.   The mutant is surprised on 1-3  in 6. -2 saves for 
.   actions that involve senses.