Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm all wrapped up in chaos, but procrastinating with crafts...

Well, I'm busy at work, behind on putting together a workshop that I need to present on the 11th, and behind on reading a stack of journal articles. That means the blog is paying the price....

On the gaming front, though, I have been experimenting with putting together small digest-sized booklets for running Athanor on a tabletop, which has gone well. I have figured out how to flip copies over in my laser printer so that I stop misaligning double-sided copies, and now this is going swimmingly. The only problem I'm having lately is finding an appropriate-sized box to feel like I have my own whitebox set.

But Chgowiz comes to the rescue, with his tale of a cheap craigslist find of the original little brown books and his box solution (based on the similar tale of box-finding by a OD&D forum reader). Voila, a quick look at the Joann web site and there it is... a paper mache book box, just like the one I saw at Micheal's that was too small, but sized just about the 6"x9" size I need for the task.

Now the next time my wife heads to Joann for fabric and craft goodies, I can pick up the box, some craft paints, and go to town.

I'll post some photos when I have it all put together.

Well, back to work on the stuff that pays the bills.