Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to thinking about skills and magic

The past week I have been immersed in my life as an student -- my three-week summer "vacation" for the last three weeks have involved a few days settling into a new apartment, a few days of down-time for the San Diego Comic-Con and the visitors who came to our house as a result, and the rest of my time has been filled by intensive reading in psychology, sociology, and educational theory. I'm about 80 pages into a journal of notes on the stuff after about 2 weeks, but this is what's going to keep me on track to finish what I need to finish by the end of next year so that I can advance to candidacy for my Ed.D. But enough of the personal griping. The point is, my academic life has put the gaming blog life on the back burner again, but as always, stuff is brewing back there.

As I was thinking about my problems with skills and magic, my mind seized upon the old Different Worlds reprint of the first edition of Empire of the Petal Throne that I had sold ten years ago before moving from Santa Cruz to San Diego. In EPT, Dr. Barker included, I remembered in a moment of procrastination, a set of skills and magic rules that, while inspired by D&D, had some key differences.

On top of this, I started looking at Gygax's AD&D 1st edition "secondary skills" list. There may be some sort of solution in that, I thought to myself.

Normally, this is where I would post some draft rules I had cobbled together, but frankly, I'm not there yet. But maybe after I finish the chapter of Sociology of Education I'm reading, I'll start on something.