Friday, May 8, 2009

Alemanian Medical Technology

The people of Alemania are renowned for their medical technology, which reflects arcane secrets they have reconstructed from the ancients. Alemanian surgeons are capable of strange and astounding feats, including transplants, body modifications, and strange types of hybridization.

Body modification is a mark of status among Alemanians, a sign that the recipient of modifications has transcended the boundaries of his humanity. For some, this is an art, achieving aesthetic changes to their faces and bodies. For others, this is practical, with some Alemanians fusing tools to their bodies or enhancements to their eyes, reach, or bodily functions. Still others enhance their bodies for combat, reinforcing their skeletons, attaching weapons to their limbs, or implanting armored plates under their skin.

The price of such enhancements is often the loss of humanity. The cold, distant, and aloof persona of many Alemanians is even more pronounced in those who have had extensive modifications, making them seem more machine-like, cold, amoral and dismissive of "lesser" races. The Alemanians invoke fear and distrust in others in the world, and do so with good reason.

Much of the technology incorporated in these changes seems to be organic, grown in great vats and drawing its nutrients from the host. Much of it seems either organic or like a strange mix of tentacular, pulsing, or jellyfish-like formlessness. Such technology can be strangely beautiful, but is often horrible to behold.