Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Zamoran Undercity

The Undercity is a warren of tunnels, rooms, ruined buildings, and ancient catacombs under the city of Zamora. Most of these date back centuries, even predating the foundation of Zamora. Over time, it has become home to a number of unsavory elements, from vermin and pests to bandits, cultists, and undead horrors. Sections of the Undercity have become notorious. Vog-Mur the Necromancer, for instance, has claimed a portion of the Undercity for his vaults, Flesh Vats and Clone Tanks.

Portions of the undercity are filled with machinery that process waste and atmospheric moisture into drinkable water for the city and help maintain clean air under the cracked dome. These areas are maintained by an army of Dromeans and patrolled by elite troops of the emperor's Vat Men. Other portions are part of an underground culture of the poor and outcast. Still others are overrun by fungi and slimes.

Those unfamiliar with the Undercity will find it to be a maze. Certainly, its warrens are complex and filled with danger, and few but the desperate or foolish will merely wander through it.