Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weapons, Armors, and Walking Around Zamora

Standard D&D games often feature characters walking around armed to the teeth and dressed in full armor. This makes sense in some ways -- walking around unprepared for combat seems to just be begging the DM to mess with your character. It's punishment waiting to happen.

In Zamora, armor is a sign that you are ready for trouble. It's outright common in the ruins on the edges of the city and in the Undercity. Not wearing armor in either place is just foolish (unless you are  magic-user, I suppose.) Weapons are dictated more by tradition. Some weapons may be worn publicly without concern, while others may not. Swords, daggers, pistols, canes, and quarterstaves are considered common sidearms and are acceptable to carry. Axes, polearms, bows, crossbows, rifles, maces, and the like are considered martial weapons and are only carried by soldiers, mercenaries, hunters, ruffians, barbarians and troublemakers. While such weapons may not be illegal, they will attract unwanted and unpleasant attention.