Friday, March 20, 2009

Señor Esparza

Señor Esparza is Vog Mur's representative at the Grand Market. He provides sales and support for the Clone Pits. If you want someone brought back from the dead from even a small portion of themselves, if you want a duplicate, no questions asked, you just need 1000 gold and a pound of flesh (literally) and you, too, can have a clone. Certain restrictions apply.

Use of the clone pits is guaranteed to produce a clone, but often (1-2 in 6), the cloning process has… complications. Such complications are not warranteed against. You pay your money, you takes your chances.

d10 Result
1-6 Minor complication
7-9 2 Minor complications
10 Major complication

d12 Result
01 Completely bald (no hair anywhere)
02 Colorblind
03 Unnatural eye color
04 Small, barely noticeable scales covering whole body
05 Feathers instead of hair
06 Albino
07 Small, shark-like teeth
08 Pointed ears
09 Six fingers
10 Six toes
11 Small, vestigial tail
12 Small horns on head

d12 Major Complications
01 No eyes
02 No tongue
03 Deaf
04 One arm (1-3) or leg (4-6) vestigial and useless
05 Can only eat meat and craves human flesh
06 Smells like the grave, cannot cover up smell
07 Skin is scaled (1-2), furred (3-4), or made of scar tissue (5-6)
08 Hands (1-3) or feet (4-6) now reptilian/bird-like
09 Sex changed
10 Dwarfism (1-3) or Gigantism (4-6)
12 Animals now fear you and want to flee or attack you.

Señor Esparza is bald, with exaggeratedly broad shoulders, beady eyes, an upturned nose, and a constant smile. Any familiar with the Vat Men will know that Esparza is one of these synthetic creatures. However, unlike the majority of the Vat Men, Esparza talks, and does so quite eloquently. This does not diminish the feeling of wrongness he gives off — rather, it seems to enhance it. As does his dress. He wears a crisp, white linen shirt, a narrow black tie, a brocade waistcoat and expensive black breeches and jacket. A black top hat tops his bald head, and black lizard-skin shoes cover his feet, topped by white spats. He carries a silver-tipped cane at all times, and carries a pocket watch on a silver chain.