Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Mad" Hakim Al'Azif's Mercantile Emporium

Hakim Al'Azif, the Mad Mal-Akkan, is known for his huge merchant tent in the plaza, where he sells a wide variety of goods for "prices so low, I must be mad!" Hakim dresses in a colorful kaftan and a great turban adorned with gems and plumes. His great waxed mustachios and wild eyebrows match his wide eyes, and provide a strong sense of frenetic energy. His prices are actually quite average, but his selection is broad, and often includes rare and unusual items, sometimes of dubious origins. He drives a hard bargain, but can be bartered with and will negotiate prices if he sees something in it for himself. He is guarded by two burly, shirtless Mal-Akkans with tulwars named Adbul and Hazrad.