Sunday, March 8, 2009

Even More Athanoran Monsters

AC: 7 [12], HD 4, Attacks: Hair 1d6, Special: entangling hair, Move: 12, HDE 4, XP 120

Amara are undead creations of Vog-Mur. They look like beautiful yet feral wild-haired women with wild eyes and shark-like teeth with blue-white skin. They hunger for human flesh and blood. Their hair is actually extremely strong, filled with metallic barbs, and reaches out to grab and entangle enemies up to 10 feet away. Targets struck by Amara must save or be entangled and unable to move or use any weapon longer than a dagger. Their hair takes 2d6 points of damage to cut.

AC: 6 [13], HD 3+3, Attacks: Bite 1d6-1, Special: spells, Move: 12 flying, HDE 4, XP 120

These creatures built in Vog-Mur's clone tanks look like bloated human heads with huge ears that resemble bat-like wings and allow the creatures to fly. Their eyes bug out of the head, and their mouths are filled wih sharp teeth. They cast spells as if they were 4th level magic-users.

AC: 9 [10], HD 1, Attacks: dagger 1d6-1, Move: 12, HDE 1, XP 15

Dromians are robed, mysterious insectoids who work in the undercity, doing maintenance and clean-up work. They are inscrutible and alien.

AC: 5 [14], HD 5+5, Attacks: tentacles 1d6, Special: chemical attacks, Move 9, HDE 6, XP 400. They Hssu exude several chemicals in a 10 foot radius that they are immune to. This can cause any one of three effects: charm person, cause fear, do 2d6 poison damage. Any chemical could be used at will.

The Hssu are desert traders who travel beyond the land of the Five Kingdoms. They trade in the drug Ssharru, an opiate-like substance known for both its addictiveness and its tendency to cause strange, vivid, and often prophetic dreams. The Hssu are alien creatures, with conical bodies ending in four thick tentacles. The top of their cone ends in four eye stalks and four trumpet-like ears. They have four prehensile tentacles mid-way through their bodies which end in mouths with two long "lips" that can be used to hold and manipulate items. The Hssu speak through their tentacular mouths, and speak the common tongue as well as their own. They are not expressive, and are treated with some trepidation by humans, though they are welcome by anyone seek Ssharru.

AC: 6 [13], HD 5, Attacks: bite 1d6, Special: blood drain, horrifying vision, spell-like abilities, undead. Move: 12 flying, HDE 6, XP 240. When a Pennanngalen strikes, it automatically attaches to a victim and does 1d6 damage each round automatically, draining a victim of blood and life. When first seen, so horrifying that all who view it must save or be frozen in fear for 1d3 rounds. May cast charm person and hold person at will. Immune to charm and sleep spells.

An Athanoran vampire, the Pennanngalen are undead creations of Vog-Mur. They are free-willed undead who look like beautiful women. When they feed, their heads and internal organs detach, flying and leaving behind their bodies to feed.

AC: 4 [15], HD: 4, Attacks: claws 1d6, Special: decapitation, undead, Move: 9, HDE 5, XP 240. On a natural attack roll of 20, the Rathaga bites off his opponent's head: save or die from decapitation. A save allows the victim to take 2d6 damage instead.

Rathaga are 12 foot tall skeletal creatures made by Vog-Mur from the bones of several humans. They are silent, mindless brutes, but their coming is forsaged by the smell of spiced oil and a chill in the air.

AC: 6 [13], HD: 2, Attacks: claw 1d6, Special: Paralysis, Move 9, HDE 3, XP 60. Any hit from a Shadim will paralyze a target for 3d6 rounds.

The shadim are undead creations of Vog-Mur the Necromancer. They appear to be animated human corpses split in half from crown to crotch, with just one half of a body. They hop on one leg and strike with their one yellowed claw-like hand. They stink of raw meat and decay, and crave flesh to feed their severed bodies.

Vat Men
AC: 4 [15], HD 4, Attacks: sword 1d6+1, Special: regeneration, Move 9, HDE 5, XP 240. Vat Men will regenerate fully any round that they have not been reduced to 0 hit points or fewer.

The Vat Men are constructs of Vog-Mur the Necromancer, made in his laboratories deep below the city. The Vat Men regenerate at a frightful rate, are physically superior to ordinary men, and have great muscular frames. Their faces, however, have small, close-set eyes, a mouth frozen in a perpectual rictus, and upturned noses. They seem strange charicatures of humanity, and fight without fear or hesitation.