Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cannibalizing and Hybridizing Rules

I find myself teetering between what I like about Swords and Wizardry and the stuff I like from Tunnels and Trolls (the classes, the weird language table, the SR system), and I'm wondering if I can hybridize them somehow. Generally, I like the simplicity of S&W more, and dislike T&T's roll-a-fistful-of dice system, but I like to tinker, and S&W is so tempting to tinker with...

First thought, classes. Keep the fighter, throw out the cleric, and mix in some cleric spells into the wizard lists. Maybe change turn undead into a spell, while we're at it.

But I like the T&T differentiation between fighters, wizards, and rogues (as people with a smattering of informal training in magic, but who live by wits and weapons). What to do with the rogues?

I'm thinking of a class, let's call him the mountebank (in a nod to one of Gary Gygax's lost 2nd edition classes), and give him the combat details and hit points of the cleric, a smattering of low-level spells, and then we have the rogue.

Using the T&T SR system, which I like, might just be a matter of thinking differently about the S&W save system. That leaves me with the weird T&T language table which just means making a new table of my own. And I can do that.

May need to tinker some soon....