Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blurred Lines and Genre

I see Athanor as firmly being fantasy, but in my eyes, fantasy casts a broad net. My good friend Rich and I were playing Heroscape the other day, and while looking at his Marro figures said that it was too bad they had weird organic looking guns, because hen he couldn't use them in his D&D game because they weren't fantasy figures. Meanwhile, I thought about it and decided that I wouldn't really have any compunctions about including those in Athanor, since they were fantastical creatures, which is enough for me.

I know that for some people, the whole idea of mixing science fiction and science fantasy elements into their D&D campaigns is pure anathema. Expedition to the Barrier Peaks might be seen by some as a travesty and having aliens and ray guns in the world just breaks some players and DMs' suspension of disbelief. I get that. But I'm not that kind of DM. I look at my game as a weird amalgam of sci fi, planetary romance, fantasy, and pulp elements. I don't see them as incompatible, especially given the sword-and-planet roots of Athanor.