Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Zamoran Tower of Wizardry

Officially sanctioned wizard training happens in the Tower of Wizardry and he surrounding university campus.As with guilds, the Tower has governmental sanction to control the training and apprenticeship of young wizards. Rogue wizards may face sanctions ranging from financial penalties to flogging to assassination, depending on the power of the wizard and the actions of the wizard. Vog-Mur the Necromancer, for instance, is not sanctioned by the Tower and pays them nothing, and faces no sanction due to his connections to the overlord and his might as a sorcerer. An ordinary wizard taking several apprentices, however, will receive some rather pointed attention.

The Tower rules its own quarter of the city, and enforces its will with trained sorcerers who are aided in their effort by undead servants and golems. They control manufacture and sale of magic items (demanding a cut of all sales), and the trade in new spells and magical knowledge. They are a conservative and self-interested lot, and a general pain in the lives of PC magic-users.