Monday, February 16, 2009


Map of ZamoraZamora is built on the site of an ancient domed pre-disaster city. Made of huge stone slabs, the city's great dome is cracked, and much of the city now lies in ruins — an area now called the Barrens. The remaining elements of the city are centered on The Plaza, where the Tower of the Overlord forms the center of government, and where the Great Market is open to all.

The populated parts of the city are divided into four quarters: the Merchant Quarter, which is the largest portion of the city, dominated by the Consortium of Guilds; the Gold Quarter, which is home to the wealthy and powerful members of the Five Families of powerful merchants, the Tower Quarter, which is dominated by the Tower of Wizards and their great University; and the Shadow Quarter, ruled by powerful criminal elements.

Sewers and ancient ruins riddle the ground beneath the city, and several powerful factions seek to control much of the city. The Overlord stays in control by pitting factions against each other, and by controlling a small, loyal, and dangerous secret police force.