Sunday, February 15, 2009

Starting Out

This blog is an experiment in procrastination and campaign design (in that order.) Since I don't currently have a game group, and I don't have much time, I'm using this blog as my outlet for my gaming creativity.

Athanor is an idea that has been tumbling around in my head. It originally began as notes for a highly customized d20 campaign, briefly lived as notes for a Grim Tales game, and even got kicked around as a possible Savage Worlds, Basic Roleplaying, or FATE game. However, as I dug through my old materials, I ended up looking at my original white-box D&D rules again. After trying to do a major reorganization of Gygax's original rules, I ran into Swords and Wizardry, in particular the (IMNSHO) cleaner Whitebox edition of the rules.

Athanor takes its inspirations from a variety of interests. I intend to include elements of planetary romance, swashbuckling adventure, horror and pulp fantasy in the game. Plus there will be dinosaurs. And maybe sky-pirates.

I'm not really considering myself part of the old-school RPG "movement." Instead, I see Athanor as using old-school RPG structure because it seems interesting to me right now and allows me to focus on the hobby less as a sort of sructured creation of shared literature and more as the kind of free-wheeling game that appeals to me now.