Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Athanoran Monsters

Some more Athanoran monsters, this time pillaging some of my top ten monsters post ideas....

AC: 4 [15], HD: 3, Attacks: bite 2d6, Special: squirt acid, Move: 12/ burrow 6, HDE 4, XP 120
Special ability: squirt acid 30 feet once every 6 hours for 2dice damage.

The anhkheg is a burrowing insectoid creature which survives on a mix earth and meat. They have a brownish carapace with shining black eyes.

AC: 6 [13], HD: 4+1, Attacks: claws d6+2, Move: 12/ 6 climb, HDE 5, XP 240

Four-armed white apes, the Girallon is the Athanoran ape, a brutal and cunning predator, often found in both the fungus forests of the world and in the ruins of ancient cities.

AC: 7 [12], HD: 4+1, Attacks: bite d6+1, Move: 12/1 burrow, HDE 2, XP 30

The six-legged Athanoran rat is a common pest. Its large, spade-like teeth inflict wicked injuries.

AC: 8 [11], HD: 1+1, Attacks: bite 1/2d6, Move: 3/18 fly, HDE 2, XP 30

The Athanoran bat is an odd mix of bat, bird, and insect. They live in flocks and feed on blood. Stirges attack with a +2 on the attack roll and do 1/2d6 damage per round until they have drained 12 hit points of blood, then they fly away bloated with blood.