Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life on the Underside of Zamora

Zamora is a decaying city, a shadow of its past with a crumbling dome and ruins around its perimeter. The sewers and layers of ancient city below Zamora are rife with danger, and home to bandits, beggars, and monsters. What remains of the glittering wealth and power of the city is concentrated in the hands of the few, who live by intrigue, political warfare, assassination, and constant Machiavellian scheming.

The PCs aren't part of that world. At least, not currently. They are people with little more to their name than the goods on their back, but they may have the ambition to take them far. Desperation, poverty, a need for adventure, or just the life of an outsider has driven them to seek more.

What awaits such people?
  • The wealthy and powerful are always looking to hire someone to do unsavory things -- and to take the fall when those plans go awry.
  • The ruins and tunnels of Zamora are home to many ancient items of power and much lost wealth. Money and power can come easily to the lucky and daring.
  • Crime and corruption breed opportunities for the ruthless and daring.
While doing good is a real option, much of what awaits in Zamora falls into a twilight realm of morality, leading to interesting choices and dangerous alliances for those outsiders who want to have wealth, power, or even just a life of comfort and stability.