Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Five Kingdoms

The blue-skinned, hairless Alemanians have a very rigid and organized society. Their national ideology focuses on the superiority and homogeneity of the Alemanian people. They support a strong sense of collectivism, a strong central governmental authority in order to protect the stability of the Motherland. Their society is divided into several castes: scholarly, military, merchant-industrial, and agrarian. Each of theses hase a place in the parliamentary structure of Alemania, serving the High Chancellor. Alemanians are athiest, devoting themselves to their nation and their people instead.

The tall, muscular, black-skinned, red-haired warriors of Duma are distrustful of Ancient Technology. They live in walled towns guarded by their warrior caste and depending on their agricultural caste to breed and control their great dinosaur herds. They are renowned musicians, artists, historians, and metalworkers. They are matriarchal in times of peace and ruled by male warriors in times of war. They tend toward collectivism, distrust outsiders, and care little about outside nations.

The short, stocky, yellow-skinned, black-haired, black-eyed people of Khitai are insular and distrustful of outsiders. Foreigners only tend to interact with Khitai as merchants or ambassadors. Males wear long tunics, loose pants, slippers or boots, and broad sashes. They tend to have heads shaved except for a long braid. Officials and military men tend to wear neatly-cropped beards. Females wear their hair long, but pin it up in coiffures that are more ornate the more important the worman is. They tend to wear silk robes with loose pants, slippers, and sashes.

The people of Mal'akka are brown-skinned with bright green eyes and dark green hair. Males tend to wear long beards, and all wear loose linen clothing, usually robes. They are tall and slim with pointed ears and an air of gracefulness. They are merchants and desert caravan masters known for their devotion to the desert god Shem.

The red-skinned, black-haired people of Zamora are known for their hot-headed and passionate natures. They are known as duelists, political schemers, and romantic idealists.