Friday, February 20, 2009

Factions in Zamora

The Great Houses
The Great Houses are the aristocratic families of Zamora. They control money, banking, various guilds, and military resources in Zamora. They are part Machiavellian nobles and part mob families, often busily scheming against each other.
  • House Amador: known for fashion, dance, dueling and social gatherings.
  • House Buñuel: known for its artists and musicians.
  • House Guzman: known for banking and skill with money as well as ties to the Trade Guilds
  • House Lucero: known for its connections to the Three Churches of Law.
  • House Nuñez: known for skill in intrigue, assassination, and its connections to the Six Churches of Chaos.
  • House Soriano: known for its connection to scholars.
The Trade Guilds
The trade guilds control the practice of most skilled professions in Zamora. They control training, pricing, distribution of goods, and training and hiring of apprentices. The Guilds are protected by city charters, and provide the backbone of trade in Zamora’s cities.

The Red Hand Society
The Red Hand Society is a society of professional assassins. They are known for their strict adherence to contracts, and their skills at disguise, stealth, and poisoning. The Red Hands are illegal to hire, and illegal in their operations, but are much sought after to create final solutions to confilicts.

The Explorers’ Club
This group is a widespread Zamoran gentlemen’s club. Most members of the club are young, wealthy dilettantes, some of whom actually engage in adventures, including safaris, airship racing, and exploration of ruins.

The Lo Pan Society
This group of Khitai merchants is suspected of many illicit dealings. They are likely involved in illicit smuggling and drug trafficking, and rumor speaks of a single sinister mastermind that they all serve.