Friday, April 29, 2011

Micro-review of Vornheim

I just got my physical copy in the mail yesterday, though I got the PDF file a while back with the pre-order.

Initial thoughts:
  • Physically, the book is small, thin, and very portable. The paper, binding, cover, and dustjacket are very nice, premium, even. And a very usable size, to boot.
  • If you read Zak's blog, not much of this will be a surprise. Some portions of the book come straight from his blog; others are new.
  • This is more of a city toolkit than a city sourcebook. If you want a Ptolus-style sourcebook, you'll be looking at the wrong item. Hell, it isn't even like the original City-State of the Invincible Overlord. It's some essays, tables, and ideas about the idea of how to run a city and some examples of how it was implemented by Zak. You can learn from the ideas and steal the examples. To me, that's better. I hate memorizing hugely detailed settings, hate encouraging that in players, and actually like emergent campaign development. This is really my cup of tea.
  • Is it old school? New school? It's punk rock -- that is to say it's eclectic do-it-yourself creativity that breaks your expectations and gets in your face.
Thumbs up.

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