Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vog-mur the Necromancer

Vog-mur is an ancient terror, a centuries-old necromancer served by armies of undead. His lair is a multi-layered labyrinth below the sewers of Zamora. Vog-mur is a power unto himself, and he has made alliances with the Overlord of Zamora. He supplies the Overlord with Vat-men, and runs the Clone-vats of the Ancients, supplying the slave and prostitution trades of the city with an endless supply of goods. But he also experiments on the dead and dying poor, learning what he can through his foul experiments. It is said that the natural philosophers of Alemania are deeply interested in what Vog-mur has learned, though he looks in disgust at the technologies that they have lately begun to use in their land.

Vog-mur has a reputation for perversion and lust, manufacturing slaves for his own pleasure pits and hiring or capturing slaves to slake his twisted desires.

Vog-mur appears to be a bloated man, standing nearly seven feet tall, with pale, bluish waxy-looking skin and a small head with dead white eyes. His lips appear to be receding past overly large, squarish yellow teeth in nearly-black gums, his lips pulled back in a slight grin. His upturned nose seems ragged and pink, and his ears seem too small and withered. His legs end in reptilian feet, turned oddly, and his hands end in black, carapaced claws. He dresses in little more than a ragged kilt, with a broad leather belt.

Despite his great size and girth, he moves quickly, and is incredibly strong, making him a terror both when he is using magic and when he fights hand-to-hand. He seems to feel no pain, but to delight in the suffering of others.

Vog-mur is clever, cunning, and generally willing to parley with anyone. But he tends to make deals with cunning and strong forethought, so parley with the necromancer may not be the blessing it seems to be at first.

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